How to count the points in a Swiss system tournament in Kendo?

scorekeeping, shinpan and kendo player s during cometition

This post is here to present the point system that we used in the events of the Capital Region Kendo League in Finland. This league is a cooperation between clubs in the great Helsinki area, us, KKTI and Lebudo to generate a local year-long kendo championship as the result of a succession of “competitive events”. You can read the whole story here.

Initially, we wanted to build an ELO-style ranking and every win or loss would weigh differently depending on the points of the kendoka you are facing. However, it was complicated technically with such a small player pool and we decided to find a system that can be transparent and that can be very simple to count for the participants themselves.

Initial rating

Each player has an initial rating based on their dan level (1pt /dan, kyu=0pt), their adhesion to the national team or not (2 pts for current nat team members, 1 pt for former members) and finally, 1 extra point is awarded if you were on the top four at the national championship this year – this two last gives the level of competitiveness of the player -.

This initial rating was used for two things:

  1. It helped us to initially seed players of similar levels or competitiveness.
  2. Since we had only a few events, it was decided to use this initial rating to rebalance the scores. Therefore, it was added at the end of the ranking to give a few more points to the people who had the highest initial rating, [meaning they would meet more difficult opponents].

Points during the events

During each event, players accumulate points based on their performance.

  • WIN = 2pts
  • DRAW = 1pt
  • LOSS = 0pt
  • BYE = 1pt

Ranking system

During each event, the results of the matches and the points were recorded and placed in an excel sheet. The following information were recorded:

  • played (how many matches were played in total)
  • wins
  • draw/byes
  • loss

Based on that and the weight of each singular result, we could calculate few things:

  • RAW POINTS = (2xwins) + (Draws)
  • WIN RATIO = ((2xwins) + (0.5xdraws)) / 2xplayed
    note that the rebalanced point was decided later on. Initially, we were not planning to use the “initial rating” to weigh on the final point and ranking, however, adding the “initial rating” to the points balances the points and compensates for the difficulty of the game one faces.

here you can find an example of the table at the end of the year after three events

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