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2022 was a shifting year, after many years of carrying the club, Saara and Merci left the board letting the decision-making to the new board. They remained in the background to help us with managing the club. 

We organized 73 morning practices and 22 longer Sunday practices

With the help of the FKA we organized a season kickoff seminar in August called “weekendo 2022”. It gathered around 50 participants and the feedbacks were very positive. 

Unfortunately, we were not able to organize a PikkuJoulu this year because of the lack of funds and organization.

At the end of the year, we are strong with 23 members of which 20 are students (undergrad, doctoral or post-doc) and 12 are HYY students.

The last practice of the year is organized on 20.12.2022, after that, we are in a winter break until 10.01.2023. We encourage our members to go practice with KKTI or Lebudo clubs.


2023 will be a great! During the last board meeting, we discussed the membership and fees, the year calendar, and upcoming events. We budgeted and plan 2023. Here are what you should know.

We did not have new candidate so the board remains the same as in 2022: 

Chairman: Felix Bourgeau
Vice-chairperson: Anisia Katinskaia
Treasurer: Tatu Blomqvist
Secretary: Janne Sala
Member of the board, and responsible for equality: Enni Pyysalo

Practice time and place in 2023 

We continue to practice in Porthania which is a great news since it is so central and easy. We decided to keep the regular 1-hour practices on :

  • Tuesday at 07:00-08:00
  •  Friday at 08:00-09:00. However, there are 7 Fridays where there is a double booking of the dojo in spring, so we have to replace these Fridays with a Thursday or Saturday practice. 

We might be adding Sunday practices depending on the number of members and the financial situation of the club in early Spring. 

You can find the provisional calendar here

You can also add the HY Kendo calendar (updated weekly) to your own with this link: 

We will be adding and updating every practice on Nimenhuuto app. It is recommended to everyone to sign-in when they join practice so it is easier to organize the practice. 

Events in 2023

This year COVID pandemic seems further away, we are better prepared and organized. We intend to organize different events. 

  1. There will be two basic courses. Spring basic course starts the 02.02.2023. Fall basic course should start the 08.09.2023. 
  2. We will try to organize regular grading around the end of the basic course so our members can keep progressing but we encourage everyone to join FKA seminars too and grade there. 
  3. Since we are a student club we could (should?) organize something for Vappu, we are open to suggestions 🙂 
  4. We will organize once again the Weekendo seminar. The pre-booked date is 12&13.08.2023 to kick off the season. 
  5. We will book long in advance a place for the pikkujoulu in 2023 so it can happen.

Price & payments in 2023

The membership fee in 2023 is counted differently than the previous years but the overall price does not change. We are just counting in the normal “training fee” a 5€ “membership fee” which can be purchased separately for “inactive members”. This new type of membership is reserved for people who are injured and not sure if they will practice but want to remain part of the club or student who wants to get the newsletter and participate in social events but is too busy with studies and unsure of their availabilities for practices.

For beginners, the price is 30€ on their first semester (includes 5€ membership fee and basic course training fee) 

For all other members it remains 45€/semeseter or 90€/year (includes a 5€ membership fee and training fee)

In 2023 membership fees will be paid through suomisport (we will send an explanation on “how to” in a separate email).

We added different payment solutions for our members and our friends practicing with us and wanted to support the club. You can now pay through Edenred, Epassi, and Smartum (still under process the 19.12.2022)

What else in 2023

  • We will be represented during the “Check-in” event organized by HYY on the 12th of January 2023. Please let us know if you can join us to help. 
  • We will be sending 3, maybe 4 newsletters this year to keep our members and friends updated on the club’s activities. If this email ends up in your spam, please whitelist or move it to your inbox so we teach algorithms to trust our email address.
  • We are keeping a clean and updated member list that was lacking in the previous year. 
  • We might renew our webpage, the current Squarespace WebHost is becoming very expensive for such a basic webpage. Let us know if you have secret skills and want to be part of this. 

We would ask any of you to take 5 min to fill in this form to prepare 2023

We can then plan better for the upcoming year and assess the number of members and practitioners. 

Do not hesitate to answer this email if you have any questions, need more information, or just want to say “Hi”! 
You can also reach us through any social media (we are everywhere!). Our main information channel remains Whatsapp. Our main propaganda channel is Instagram.

With love and strong Kiai, have a lovely winter break!
See you next year at practice!

HY Kendo

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