Finnish Kendo National Champonship 2024

Hi kendokat! *wink wink

What a weekend it’s been, we were hosting, co-organizing with the Finnish Kendo Association // Suomen Kendoseurojen Keskusliitto ry. the Finnish National Kendo Championship and participating in the individual and team competitions in the same time🤯.

Merci won the national title 🥇in women’s and Heikka the bronze🥉 in the open individual tournament. HY team won second place 🥈 in the team competition 👏 but could not get the flag back this year 😶. It remains at KKTI since we lost in the final against the team Helsinki1.

Congrats to them!

Recap video of the event – – Mika Vartiainen.

Very big thanks to all the volunteers from Helsingin Kendoseura Ki-Ken-Tai-Icchi ry, Leppävaaran Budoseura Lebudo Ry and also all the shinpan to make this event possible. Thank you Tatu, Merci, Félix, Daria, Enni, Elias, Heikka, Tuomas, Sofia and Mohamed for the help and support.

Thanks also to our sponsors for the gift to our champions and volunteer E-Bogu Finland Tokyokan UniSport (Helsinki, Espoo).

There were 60 participants registered in kyu, women, and open tournaments which transformed into 111 matches.
There were 11 teams confronting each other in 90 matches.

Congratulations to everyone!

Thank you all for the nice matches last weekend. We will be sharing some photos soon.


team tournament

GOLD: KKTI 1 (H. Jokinen, O. Väisänen, J. Nissinen, A. Rantala, A. Vidqvist)
SILVER: HY (M. Czimbalmos, H. Valja, T. Lehto, S. Ade, F. Bourgeau)
BRONZE: KKTI 2 (T. Morimoto, J.Ou, A. Ruohtala, J. Santos, A. Ganzhinov), Turku (A.Dalton, I, Juntura, A. Aarnio, K. Koskinen, V. Vilkama)
Fighting spirit: Teppo Annila (Tampere)

kyu tournament matches

GOLD Topi Nummi (Lebudo)
SILVER Risto Linna (KKTI)
BRONZE Tomi Savilaakso (Oulu), Ville Kotiniemi (Jyväskylä)
Fighting spirit: Sebastian Oey (KKTI)

women tournament matches

GOLD Mercédesz Czimbalmos (HY)
SILVER Laura Ylitalo (Oulu)
BRONZE Sara Redsven (Kotka), Susanna Kankare (jyväskylä)
Fighting spirit: Ida Lahnajärvi (Tampere)

open tournament matches

GOLD Joonas Nissinen (KKTI)
SILVER Alex Vidqvist (KKTI)
BRONZE Laura Ylitalo (Oulu), Heikka Valja (HY)
Fighting spirit: Mikko Vuorinen (KKTI)